5 Unique Ways to Accessorize Bold Black Interior and Exterior Doors in Bakersfield

Known for its eclectic vibe that mixes contemporary serenity with rustic flavor, Bakersfield is a sight for sore eyes.

Whether you’ve been traversing its sophisticated alleyways for years or recently moved to the country music capital of the West Coast, we’re sure you know a thing or two about the city’s passion for all-things-design-and-décor.

Bakersfield homes are known for their modern elegance and hints of vintage tranquility. Homeowners pride themselves on decking their interior and exterior spaces out in aesthetically pleasing furnishings that instantly catch the eye and make a lasting impression on guests.

From gorgeous Ottomans and knitted poufs to visually dynamic black steel doors and windows, Bakersfield homes are laced with luxury and panache.

While locals have perfected the art of styling bold black interior and exterior doors, new residents often struggle to add life and vigor to their fresh installations. If you recently splurged on black steel doors but can’t seem to blend them with the surrounding space as seamlessly as your neighbors, we can help you spruce things up.

Here are five unique ways to accessorize bold back interior and exterior doors in Bakersfield. See more ideas of design inspirations on The Design Story blog. This architecture design blog offers tips and design solutions for people in real life.

1. Enliven Your Black Steel French Doors With Transoms and Sidelights

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Breathe life into your space by accessorizing your black steel French doors with stunning transoms. Transoms are a great way to allow natural light to pour into your home and make the interior space appear enlivened and energized. This trick pairs perfectly with living rooms that are bathed in fresh, neutral, and relaxing colors and textures.

The sleek black finishing of the doors and transoms will balance the minimalist scheme of the space, thereby enhancing the interior harmony.

Opt for pale walnut-colored mahogany floors to add a touch of Bakersfield’s classic rusticity to space. Add finishing touches to the makeover by indulging in stunning black lighting fixtures and a dynamic black stair railing.

We also recommend accessorizing the black steel front doors with sidelights to create a warm glow at night. The soft luminescence will make your home appear more inviting and relaxing, thereby making it fit in with the scheme of Bakersfield’s serene and magnetizing residential ambiance.

2. Accessorize Bold Black Steel Doors With Gold Hardware

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If there’s one thing that Bakersfield residents can’t get enough of, it’s visually compelling hardware.

Pairing black steel doors with the refreshing gold door handle, doorknobs, and door locks is a great way to imbue your space with modern elegance and sophistication. The simple addition will instantly make your home appear rejuvenated and revitalized!

We recommend opting for honey gold, butterscotch gold, or dandelion gold hardware to complement the deep charcoal black color of your steel doors. The beautiful pairing will add depth and dimension to your home, thereby enhancing the personality of the space.

3. Add Some Floral Magic to Iron Front Doors!

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What better way to accessorize your front door than by hanging floral wreaths that not only look incredible but also photograph beautifully?

A win-win!

Opt for gorgeous floral arrangements that balance the obsidian black finishing of your doors. We suggest ensuring the wreath is packed with refreshing earth-toned colors like pine green, caramel brown, marble white, lavender, and soft pink.

Go for lightweight hanging potted plants to add another touch of freshness and vigor! Top it all off by spreading a tawny brown doormat across your doorstep. The accessories will instantly make your wrought iron entry doors appear renewed.

Pro tip: Pinky’s Iron Doors suggests retaining the sleekness, shine, and intensity of your black iron doors by spraying them with iron door spray. The powerful spray acts as a cleaner and protector to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your doors and increase their longevity and functionality.

4. Opt for Black Entry Doors That Are Already Accessorized!

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Bakersfield’s popular Dutch doors are multiple steps ahead of the game. They serve as a bold accessory in and of themselves. The versatile doors are split along the middle to allow the top half to swing open while the bottom half is held firmly in place.

Not only does the smart split appear dazzling, but it also offers a ton of benefits. From allowing fresh air to enhancing accessibility and increasing privacy, multipurpose Dutch doors do it all.

Of course, you can choose to go the extra mile and double down on the accessorizing by hanging a floral wreath and arranging potted plants nearby.

We also suggest adding a touch of evening bliss to your door by having candle-lit porch/patio dinners with your family. Whether you set a table adjacent to your steel entry doors or iron patio doors, you’ll be taken aback by the soothing ambiance and visual serenity!

5. You Can’t Go Wrong With Chic Pastel Curtains

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If you thought curtains were only restricted to windows, you may want to think again.

2020 has been the year of big and bold steel doors, and that trend is here to stay!

Transform your stunning panoramic factory-style steel doors by indulging in soft pastel curtains that balance the deep black exterior. The cream hues will also create a revitalizing indoor ambiance that instantly makes space appear more put together and structured.

Opt for soft shades to maximize the interior appeal and enhance the contemporary undertones of your space.

Written by iv Vronski

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