Star Wars Spaceship UI / UX Design and Animation Video

Found this and though I would share it. This is a personal demo reel of the UI’s used in Star Wars Episode 1 and Episode 3 that were created by Noel Rubin. These are pretty amazing considering that this stuff was created in 1999. Check it out, hope you enjoy it! Star Wars UI/UX Design […]

Typography Animation Inspiration – Growing Letters

Found this amazing typography video on Vimeo. A great inspiration, following is the description from Vimeo: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and behold! The end title sequence for the feature Beautiful Creatures, the latest paranormal romance film from Warner Bros. Pictures. Set in a fictional South Carolina town, the film’s nature […]

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5 Vehicle Wrap Tutorials plus Installation Instructions

Vehicle wraps are a clever way to truck around a design, deliver a message or promote a product. Done well, a vehicle wrap can bring a smile to brighten the daily commute. Assorted vinyl and removable adhesive materials are now available to carry an original graphic design you create in Illustrator or Photoshop or other […]

Logo Design Process and Tutorials

Logo design is the process of creating the symbol for any brand, cause, company, product, or service. This symbol, called the logo, is the basic component of visual identity. Logo design benefits from the shared language of all cultures. Shapes, outlines, text treatments, and other visual marks serve as symbols that anyone can immediately connect […]

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31 Character Design Illustration and Painting Tutorials

Character design produces figures that capture the imagination just as much, or sometimes even more than real-life characters. The mystery of character design is how even the simplest lines can produce memorable personalities. Their appeal reaches across cultures and languages. These characters take on a life of their own and artists who redesign them take […]

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Product Package Design Tutorials

Packaging design catches the eye. It can make someone stop and look at a product, or just walk on by. A sleek shape, tasteful colors, uncluttered information, attractive graphics, and touch-friendly details make a huge difference. The effectiveness of good package design can make a product stand out from hundreds of others on a shelf […]

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15 Beautiful Digital Mixed Media Art Photoshop Tutorials

Mixed media art was an effort to exceed the limits of traditional art. Drawing media like charcoal, gouache, oil, acrylics were mixed on the canvas. Artists Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Marcel Duchamp added objects unusual for art. Mixed media art was more interesting, even shocking,  because of the materials and the message.

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28 Pen Tool Drawing Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced

The Pen tool is the most basic essential tool used to create vector graphics. With it we can draw smooth, precise lines, Bézier curves, and complex shapes. We can transform rough, tentative sketches into flowing vector contours. The great thing about vector images is that they won’t lose resolution or quality no matter at what […]

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