3 Interesting Facts About Casino Chips You Probably Didn’t Know

Gambling is as old as the civilization itself, which can be seen by its presence in ancient civilizations such as Rome or Greece. There’s something inside us that drives us towards the games of luck, always expecting a positive outcome. It would seem that gambling is engraved in our genetic code, considering it has only grown since its inception. While gambling has been around for a millennium, it wasn’t as organized as it is today. The first traces of organized gambling in areas that resembled today’s casinos only started to appear a couple of hundred years ago.

Back in the day, it was solely reserved for those who had money, being seen as something only the rich should participate in. Social status was seen as an entrance key for the games of gambling. Luckily with the modernization of our society, this trend changed, and casinos became places where everyone could play. We can say that a real revolution happened in the United States, mainly in the casinos of Las Vegas. The heaven of gamblers saw its rise in the 1940s, with men such as Bugsy Siegel paving the way to the world of gambling we have today.

Gambling in Las Vegas has become the norm of all gamblers in the world. Even the film industry got fascinated by it, making numerous films about casinos and gambling such as Casino, Ocean’s Eleven, Rounders, and The Gambler, among many others. But, even with all the movies and all the stories going around, there’s still much unknown about the world of gambling and gamblers. For example, do you know any facts about casino chips? We bet you don’t. People usually see them as a means of making money or as an item they got in return for their money. But, there’s more to them, and here, we are going to talk about three interesting facts about casino chips you probably didn’t know.

1. Denominations and Colors


Not all chips are the same. There are different combinations of colors and numbers you can encounter. With the spread of online casinos, we have more varieties than ever. If you want to check this out, be free to visit PlayAmo and see it for yourself. So, what’s the story behind the colors, numbers, and value of chips? It all comes down to betting. Dealers can see through your bets by the color of chips you’re putting on the table. This is why they don’t need to count your chips every time you lay them on the table. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing roulette or poker; it all comes down to the same. One of the most powerful chips out there is the violet one worth $25 thousand. Seasoned gamblers refer to this one as cranberries. What you need to know if you are on a Las Vegas gambling spree is that not all casinos use the same chips. The colors and patterns can differ, so you need to pay attention to this.

2. Taking a Chip From the Ground is a Crime


Yes, people, you’ve heard this one right. It doesn’t make too much sense, but that how things are. If you find a chip lying on the ground in a casino and pick it up and put it in your pocket, it is seen as you have committed a crime. Yes, this is how things are in most places in the US where gambling is legal. But, when we say in most areas, you’ll be glad that the gambling Mecca doesn’t follow this rule. If you find a chip on the floor in Sin City, you’re free to pick it up and do whatever you want with it. Finder’s keepers are the golden rule in Las Vegas, so once there, you have nothing to worry about. What you should worry about is not to try and take a chip from another player or a dealer. If you try to pull this move, the security will find you without a doubt, and then you’ll have issues not only with the casino ownership but also with law enforcement authorities.

3. Chips and Bacteria


If you had a chance to play in a casino that can receive hundreds of players at once, you probably noticed how many of them hold the chips in their hands most of the time. This is a common practice, and it results in leaving those brown stains on chips that are hard to wash off if anyone even tries to do it. These stains are the dirt that is accumulated with years of usage by players. Chips change hands quite a lot. Most modern casinos look to replace the chips that are hard to watch and even harder to hold in hand. Unfortunately, smaller casinos don’t pay too much attention to this, and you’ll find all kinds of dirt on their chips.

They should clean them, s the dirt accumulated can be dangerous for the health of all players and staff alike. You’d be surprised what kinds of organisms can start breeding on the surface of a casino chip. They can contain everything from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is better known as MRSA, all to other common germs and bacteria. We’re lucky that most of these microbes and fungus already live on our bodies, so we are reasonably resistant to them. But, when you see the ongoing pandemic we have today, you can clearly see how dangerous, dirty chips could be. Anyway, the next time you hit a casino, be careful of what you do with your hands and chips.


Spending time in a casino and getting involved with a lot of gambling will undoubtedly ignite your brain to think about the chips you use for playing. There are a lot of fascinating facts to learn about them, and here we singled out only a couple that we find the most interesting. We’re sure you’ll never again see them the same way after reading this article.

Written by Philip Goguen

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