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3 Financial Lessons Learned from Winston Dobbs

For anyone who’s at least averagely versed in the world of finance, markets, and who’s interested in the way small businesses achieve dizzying value and fame, the name of Winston Dobbs probably sounds familiar already. This man is largely responsible for the ‘breakthrough’ of innumerable companies into the market thanks to his amazing involvement with this sphere and more than wise and thoughtful steps in that way.

All of these successes have made him a true guru whose assistance today boasts some of the biggest market empires and businesses such as Twitter, Alibaba, Aranco and many more. You have to admit, this kind of prosperity isn’t promised to everyone nowadays. To be able to achieve it, one needs to go through the school of life, have an exceptional sense of such endeavors and be more persistent than everyone else who tries to do it.

All of these are undoubtedly Dobbs’ qualities, so we might say that as a result, he’s definitely considered a true and inspiring example of one of the best financial advisors ever. Accordingly, we decided to single out three things we could learn from him by looking at his business ventures. For additional information, you can click here.

1. It’s crucial to be confident when it comes to business or financial endeavors


If he hadn’t been an advocate of this way of thinking, his name might not have been mentioned anywhere today or would have remained within local borders. However, thanks to that, his abilities came to the fore and turned him into what he is today.

It’s true that his job is to turn companies that need more value into those that will serve as a prototype when it comes to reputation. But even in these endeavors, you need to have a certain amount of strategic thinking, a great plan and be ready to take risks. The core of the thing would be to assess the situation and the potential that a certain company has and in what way it’s the smartest to deal with an IPO. So, he doesn’t owe his successes and accolades to timidity, but exclusively to self-confidence and relying firmly on his own beliefs and tactics.

Of course, it may be easy to talk about when someone’s educated in that field and when they have a bunch of experience. What should always be thought about is the fact that he wouldn’t have achieved all that if he had retreated before the first obstacles or gave it up. For this reason, this item is considered one of the most crucial on this list.

2. Experience matters


Yes – as well as the ability to assess the situation. That’s why finances need to be studied, observed and one needs to learn about them as long it’s their occupation. For example, in order to be able to help out Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the emergence and the position of Aranco on the market, Dobbs needed to make sure to get familiar with the way this market works.

What was helpful here was the knowledge of that market in detail, but also some smaller and larger engagements that he already had within its framework.

A similar thing happened once Dobbs decided to take care of Alibaba. His journey began in 2014 with modest moves that eventually led to the expansion of the business and dizzying sums that are only growing today. And progress is going on and on, so you can learn more about this journey here – it’s rather evident that with the improvements in his tactical abilities and experience he has gained much in the meantime. As well as the companies he accepted to lead.

Since finances are an extremely serious thing that should not be played with, it’s always desirable to have some knowledge in this field before embarking on any adventure of that type. When you repeatedly ‘feel the pulse’ of a market and understand what’s going there, it’s quite simple to make a strategic plan and choose a solid way to fight for supremacy there.

3. Unpopular opinions and beliefs are fine


What is certain is that we don’t all have to always share the same opinion. Also, sometimes it might happen that we find logic where others may not see it. Or most of them don’t see it. Situations like this are perfectly fine if they rest on a solid foundation and have a firm root.

At the moment when the fate of the economy in the US was widely talked about and discussed after Trump won the elections, the majority thought that this sphere of the state would fall apart under his leadership. However, Dobbs didn’t actually agree with that.

In some of his interviews, he clearly pointed out that he believes that the cutting taxes that Trump planned would actually make a boom, not a downfall. Considering him an indisputable businessman, although he isn’t exactly a supporter of his political views and opinions, he has stated on several occasions that he expects this to improve the entire field.

His logic was based on the probability that Trump’s sense of finance and business would prevail over the beliefs that people have about him. How objective he was – we can only speculate about that. Nevertheless, the point of the whole story is that you need to think with your head, even if something seems unfeasible or unpromising. All this goes hand in hand with experience and market research, but it isn’t worse to mention.


In each sphere, there are specific individuals who, in some way, leave a mark in history, as well as in the attitudes and strategies of youth and modern times. Looking back on Dobbs’ long and more than a prosperous career, it’s easy to conclude that he definitely belongs to this group.

One can learn from him and absorb the vast knowledge in many senses, but he seems to be the most competent when it comes to financing in general, which is exactly the aspect that brought him international recognition. And not only that, but it has also led to many companies celebrating the day they started the collaboration with him, while others are competing to be able to reach him. These facts certainly speak more than enough about what his figure actually means in this area, and we hope that he’ll continue to follow the same path for a long time and harvest only the best fruits of his hard work.

Written by Philip Goguen

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