Is Online Law School Worth It – 2023 Guide

We live in peculiar times. Only a few decades ago it wouldn’t be possible to do anything online. The internet as we knew it today didn’t even exist. Today, you can do almost anything online without the need to leave your home. This has various advantages. Something that you didn’t even dream of is done today thanks to tech development. When you add the recently ended coronavirus pandemic to the mix many things are not what they used to be. We can say that education has gone through some major changes.

Only a few years ago the only school you could handle online were rare online classes and courses. Today, and in the last two years, things have taken a u-turn in this department. Many kids completed their schooling in the warmth of their homes. Yes, it was stressful for everyone involved. But, the point was proven. High-end education can be achieved online. Younger generations only know about this way of doing things. In the future, we are going to have a widespread of online schools and universities. Why? Well, it was made possible by the technology we have at our disposal. Another reason is that now you can have evidence that it can be done. It also leads to success.

Are you in the group of people who are now getting prepared for college? If you are, it means that you have spent the last two years of your education learning from home; attending classes from home. There are many individuals out there who want to continue their education this way. There’s nothing wrong with this. But, we’re not going to pretend like it doesn’t raise some additional questions. Online studies at universities are possible. Many universities have started their operations online. Some offer parallel studies in many fields. It all comes down to what you want to study in this part of your life.

Are you interested in law studies? Studying law is not an easy task. Even if you are an enthusiast in this field, you are no fool to believe that it’s going to be easy. Law school never is. But, for some of you attending this type of study online can make all the needed difference. But, considering that online law schools are a novelty in a sense, you might be asking yourself is online law school worth it? This is a fair question. In this article, we are going to try and answer your query at least a little bit. If you’re interested in attending an online law school you can check out our text, which is a sort of 2023 guide on the subject.

The Basics – Is It Worth Your Time?


Let us say what you already know – there’s no lesson worth learning. Studying anything is worth your time. Law school is no different. Attending one online comes with its flaws, but the perks are numerous. We are going to assume you’re going to finish your law school once you get admitted. Having a degree in this field, even if it comes from an online university is well worth your time. Yes, it holds less power than a standard degree, but it will give you enough credibility to find various jobs in this field. Once you have a degree you must find an entry-level job and start your road up from there. You already know what you can do with law school. That’s why you want to attend one. You can do whatever you want with this degree, but as we said, you might be facing an uphill battle. A law degree from a standard university has a better pull. So, it comes with limitations, some other candidates might have an advantage over you. When attending an online school in law you need to select the one that has all the right accreditations and covers what ABA requires it to. If they meet these conditions, you’re in a good spot.

Now that we have stated this, there is still work to be done in this department by online law universities and schools. There’s a difference between online classes that most universities had to have during the pandemic and a fully pledged online university. There isn’t a single online university that is accredited by ABA, so this might pose difficulty depending on which branch of law you want to pursue once you graduate. Also, the majority of states have different standards when it comes to the bar exam. If you want to pursue a career as an attorney, you should think twice about attending online law school. You can achieve it, it’s not like there’s no chance to do it, but it is a difficult task. The state that is the best to try and pass a bar exam with an online law university degree is California, so have this in mind when you try to become a lawyer through online law school.

What The Future Holds?


This might be the best part of the entire ordeal. online law schools exist. They are already a reality. At the moment they lack traction and above else accreditation, but you can’t deny it. They are here to stay. It is only a matter of time before the ABA will have to give them accreditation. Only a few years ago American Bar Association was strictly against online courses and law schools. But, in recent times their stance has changed. It was softened by the pandemic that no one could have predicted. COVID-19 proved one thing. You can have online classes at law university. They can give results. There was no other way to conduct classes and an unwanted experiment gave great results when it comes to online law schools.

Yes, for the majority of us, regardless of the field we try to make a career out of, switching to work from home or studying from home was not easy. But, in a health crisis, it needed to be done. Those enlisted to law school had at least a fair share of their obligations handled online. More than 80% of students in the period from 2020-2023 had their classes online. This is a staggering number. Do you know how many of them had online classes before the pandemic? Only 2%. This tells you one thing. Online law schools are the future. The best part is that they’re already here. Of course, online classes have their limitations. But, with time these can be put behind.

Acceptance in Legal Community


As with everything else, online law schools are accepted in the legal community but not on the level they deserve or aspire to be. The issue is not how other schools or other students see it. In the end, it all comes down to your future employer. And truth be told they’re still skeptical. As one could guess there aren’t too many students that completed their entire course of law school online. So, there’s no poll of those who started working in the legal department anywhere to send the right signal to the legal community. Many law schools have prestige. That matters when you apply for a job. But once you’re in an office, things change. Your pedigree means nothing when you can’t work as you should. On the other hand, you can be an excellent worker who will be loved by an employer even with a completed online law school.

Employers will judge you by the work you can do, and not by the degree you carry around. But, if we’re being honest a respectable law school will open many doors for you on name recognition only. No online one can do this at the moment. So, getting the first real chance is the hardest part of the equation. This could be one of the biggest issues you’ll be facing once you finish your online law school. It will not be about the knowledge you carry with you nor about how good are you at your job. The first thing people will ask or notice is going to be the diploma you have behind your back.

For the majority of people in the legal sector doing your job properly revolves around your ability to communicate with people directly. This especially goes for people who work as lawyers. You’ll be lacking direct eye-to-eye contact with online classes. You’ll be also missing the socialization people on campus will have while studying. We ought to mention that you will also miss various connections people will be made during regular studies. When it comes to practicing law, having a few strings to pull at the right moment can be essential when you try to land your first gig.

While attending online law school comes with many advantages, the biggest one being the defeat of the location barrier, it has a few flaws too. It is a great thing in theory, but before things are set in the right order, and that order is coming, you should think twice before enlisting in an online law school. But considering how things develop in this sector you might be better off being a pioneer in this field and reaping benefits later than to take no risk and skip these classes that can be deemed as good as any.

Written by Philip Goguen

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